Getting dressed, eating a meal, changing a diaper, getting out the door on time or the drawn out bedtime ritual. The day-to-day routine with young children is anything but smooth, and achieving compliance can be elusive and result in on going battles between parent and child. We can help your family by providing strategies to get you through the day efficiently and happily, making more time for you to enjoy the day and connect with your children in a meaningful way.

"As a first time mother and little experience with newborns I was unsure what a typical infant’s day should look like. Roo parenting helped me with mapping out a typical day. The major advantage was the personal advice and chance to ask particular questions before and after implementing the scheduled. My baby wasn't a good sleeper so I felt that a schedule was even more important to help us both make it through the day. Roo parenting made a schedule that was easy to follow and helped me get into a routine with my baby." Janelle, Toronto ON